Why Rice Bran Oil ?

  • Its fatty acids composition is nearer to that recommended by nutritionists ideal for edible purpose.
  • It has cholesterol lowering property attributed to oryzanol, a minor constituent, present in the oil.
  • It contains minute quantities of nutritionally valuable constituents, such as tocopherols, sterols squalene etc., which are important for promotion and maintenance of good health.

Why our Rice Bran Oil ?

  • Produced in an ultra-modern processing plant using the latest technology of physical refining which ensures retention of higher levels of naturally present nutraceuticals such as “Oryzanol & Phyto-sterols”.
  • Certified with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005 standards.
  • Processed under hygienic conditions and free from any chemical content

Nutritional Facts

  • Present market trends are more towards Chemically refined Rice bran Oil from Thailand & Brazil. Our  Oil is Physical refined Oilas to preserve the nutrients which would otherwise be lost due to the use of harsh chemicals like caustic.
Following are the drawbacks of Chemically refined Rice Bran Oil.
  • High Pollution.
  • Uneconomical for refining high FFA oils such as RBO.
  • Use of too much chemicals results in Loss of Nutrients such as “Oryzanol”.
 That’s why Physically Refined Rice Bran Oil contains 4-5 Times more Oryzanol in it than the Chemically( Caustic) refined Oil.

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